Tap on Airplanes

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Prevent the airplanes go off the screen by taping them!
Addicting game that tests your reflexes and accuracy.

Sounds too easy?
Beware, there is a bird too who likes to fly and mustn’t be tapped or… POOF!
Give it a try, challenge your friends and have fun!

There are 3 modes in the game:
1. SURVIVAL – prevent the airplanes go off the screen by tapping them
2. TIME TRIAL – tap as many airplanes as you can in 21 seconds
3. DISTANCE – tap 66 airplanes in the shortest possible time

For every 5 airplanes taped, you earn 1 diamonds.
If you tap the bird, the game is over and it costs you 50 diamonds.

– 3 different airplanes – Tomy, Mara and Luka
– 3 different skins – Day, Sunset and Night

Game features global and local high score.

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