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7 Planets comes from Tomislav Puzak of The object is to slide the balls by rows and columns so that all the violet balls are at the top, then the dark blue, blue, green, yellow, etc. When you swipe, all the balls in that row will travel as far as possible. It’s not hard.  However, young puzzlers should definitely feel challenged. There is a leaderboard to compare your time with the world at large. I have not played the harder levels that have wooden blocks that are fixed in random places. But I have played it 4 times.  Probably the most interesting thing is the move counter.  If the balls are all randomly placed at the start, what is the minimum # of moves that will solve it? I learned about 7 Planets from Apps Gone Free. I don’t know how long it will be free, so give it a shot.  What is Gotasolveit blog The Best iphone, ipad Puzzle Apps and Mechanical Puzzles This blog focuses on GREAT, FUN PUZZLE APPS for the ipad, iphone and ipod. No other apps! If you are creating your own puzzle app and want it reviewed, contact me. Tom Cutrofello CHECK OUT OTHER GREAT REVIEWS ON WEB... read more

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Get those juices flowing with this logic puzzle game. Your job is to roll wooden balls all around the screen to try and get them into their correct rows. What makes this task so difficult, however, is that when one ball is moved, all of the balls in that row or column move with it until they are stopped by a wall. Try to restore order in as few moves and as quickly as possible to earn a high score. The game includes achievements and leaderboards via Game Center as well. Featured in AppAdvice AppsGoneFree What is AppAdvice AppAdvice is the ideal resource on the Web for people looking to discover iOS apps. We thoroughly filter through the 500,000+ apps in the App Store to bring you up to date on relevant news regarding apps, as well as providing detailed app reviews. The focus of is not to give you the same monotonous content found all over the web, but rather aggregate it in a useful way making it easy to figure out which apps you should download, while also keeping you updated on the latest iOS news, reviews, and iDevice accessories. From our custom AppLists to instantaneously updating our BargainBin to inform you of discounts on apps, AppAdvice aims to be your one stop shop for everything iDevice-related. AppAdvice launched on day 1 of the App Store July 11, 2008 under our former name The site has grown tremendously from a single blogger writing about his favorite apps, to a full fledged app discovery site adding new services regularly. The site now has several app enthusiasts who strive to... read more

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7 Planets iPhone Game Review I am not sure if you have ever heard of Ziv Zav. It was a fun board  game that came out in 1985, which required you to move balls into  certain slots to form a specific pattern. If you have played  it, you know how addictive it can be. Now, it has been converted to an  even more addictive form: a great puzzle app that you can download for  just $0.99 on iTunes. The app is 7 Planets,  and it works on the same principle as the board game it was based on.  You are given 28 different balls in 7 different colors. You have to sort  them into proper rows that represent planetary alignment. The only  problem is that each time you move one ball, the others also move. All the reviews I have seen have been positive, but they also have  something in common: People comment on how difficult this game is. It is  challenging, and there is a definite feeling of satisfaction when you  win. Trust me, you are going to really have to work to get to the end,  and that is what makes this app so great. Try it for yourself, and see how challenging it can truly be. Submitted by  AnnS Apr 7, 2013 at 5:36 PM in TekSocial Youtube CHECK OUT OTHER GREAT REVIEWS ON WEB SITE!!! About: TekSocial new owner is Ann Smarty who is going to broaden a focus a bit and add more web tool reviews and round-ups TekSocial, founded by David Di Franco, is a website focused around the community. Without its users, TekSocial would be nothing. What started out as a simple one-column... read more

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This game is absolute quality! The concept is simple, get all the planets in the correct order, sounds simple? Well this game kept me hooked for hours! You can slide the planets up, down, left and right, but be careful as one wrong move can set you back! Similar to a Rubik cube, but better, this App will keep you entertained for ages! Graphics are colourful, game play is addictive, what more could you want in an App!! And as it is part of the game centre you can keep track of your scores to beat yourself or try to get to the top of the leader board!. Click on the link below to take you direct to the App Store! Short and SnAPPy Review Highly Addictive! Challenging! Good Music! Lots of Levels! CHECK OUT OTHER GREAT REVIEWS ON WEB SITE!!! About: iLoveAppStore is a new venture looking at reviewing and promoting Apps for FREE! We can review iPhone and iPad Apps, but as yet we are unable to review   Android Apps, sorry! Having designed and developed Apps ourselves we understand just how much time and effort goes into this process. Once they are completed it it  can be difficult to publicise and promote your App. At iLoveAppStore, we aim to have your App reviewed and put on Twitter and Facebook  within 7 days. We promise to give a unbiased and honest review, which you can link to tell people just how good your App... read more

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7 Planets for iPhone is a Classic Remake of a 1985 Board Game 7 Planets is a logical board game based on the traditional board game of 1985 named Ziv Zav. It is not as simple it looks, 28 balls of seven different colors are moved around until a row of 4 ball is achieved for every color. The gameplay is fairly challenging. Swipe the ball to move it up, down, left or right. But that swipe will not only start moving the ball but all the balls in that row or column will move together depending on the direction. Each row or column will continue to move until they hit a wall. Lining up the colors in a row of four is not as easy as one might think. One could just not line the rows up as the wish, then it wouldn’t be a game. The walls have colors indicated on them to which the ball is need to be aligned. As progress is made the levels get a bit trickier. Blocks appear in the field which increases the difficulty of the level. The appearance and design of the app is decent. Colors are nicely picked and the sound of the balls is great. There aren’t other modes in the game except of the main board game named after Ziv Zav. For a 1985 board game, it’s an excellent digital remake. Overall, the game has great mechanics; looks simple but challenging and the lack of modes won’t let you down. Even with these small features, you’ll find yourself playing for hours. There are no cons to it... read more

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7 Planets The Perfect Logic Board Game If there is ever a great puzzle game then 7 Planets has to be up there with the best of them; forget Connect Four or Solitaire marbles this is a game of logic, cunning and strategy and is a whole heap of fun. The Ziv Zav game that was bought out in the mid-1980s was where 7 Planets was born. I personally never played that game but it was apparently groundbreaking in its day. It is a subtle and irrepressible game that will keep you occupied for ages. I know when you first look at the game it appears to be simple and straightforward and even a little basic but don’t let that fool you. 7 Planets has far more sophistication you might imagine. It is actually rather calming and relaxing. For those of you who are addicted to puzzle games and strategy then I would say this game really hits the nail on the head. It is a logic puzzle that will bend your mind and there truly are several more of the puzzles in there somewhere that will keep you on your toes. In fact I am willing to bet you will be playing for several hours on end. There are four elements that are captured in a ball. Each colour needs to be in its own row then you unite the seven planets all together. To get the menu up you have to tap the screen twice and there is Game Center leader board available which allows you to check your score against others. There is also a... read more

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A fascinating but very tricky puzzle game. Nice review on German site (use google translate) Target of 7 Planets is to move all the balls on the board in the specified color order. The board consists of five columns and eight rows, each with four ball in seven different colors. This is deceptive at first glance, simple gameplay! Although there are no modes (apart from an expert mode), it comes with 7 Planets a good sweat. If you move a ball that is in a row or column, move with all the balls in this series or column until they are stopped by a wall or another ball. The game is fascinating in its simplicity. Only once you have solved the classic game mode within seven minutes, the expert mode is enabled. Conclusion: A simple but very fascinating, challenging game you can play again from time to time between. CHECK OUT OTHER GREAT REVIEWS ON WEB SITE!!! Original text in German language: 7 Planets Ein faszinierendes aber sehr kniffliges Puzzle-Spiel. Ziel von 7 Planets ist es, alle Kugeln auf dem Spielbrett in die vorgegebene farbliche Reihenfolge zu verschieben. Das Spielbrett besteht aus jeweils fünf Spalten und acht Reihen, mit je vier Kugel in sieben verschiedenen Farben. Das auf den ersten Blick einfache Spielprinzip täuscht! Auch wenn es keine verschiedenen Modi gibt (abgesehen von einem Expertenmodus), kommt man bei 7 Planets ganz schön ins Schwitzen. Bewegt man nämlich eine Kugel in einer Reihe oder Spalte bewegen sich alle Kugeln dieser Reihe bzw. Spalte mit, bis sie von einer Wand oder einer anderen Kugel gestoppt werden.  Das Spiel fasziniert in seiner Einfachheit.... read more

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Inspiration for colors in 7 Planets game came from painter Marija Puzak. Look on for beautiful paintings. The site is in Croatian language but you can use google translation to translate to your language.... read more

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7 Planets iOS Review – Reunite the planets 7 Planets for the iPhone is a mind bending logic puzzler based on the 1985 board game Ziv Zav. You have 28 balls in 7 different color sets, which symbolise the planets in the solar system. You need to move these balls around until you get a row of 4 for each color. Gameplay Swipe to move the balls around the screen and make rows of 4 of the same color. Now when you swipe a ball you will not simply move that single ball, instead all the balls in that row or column will be moved together rather than one by one. Even if there’s space between two balls – no matter how much space there is – all the balls will move. Each row or column of balls being moved will continue to roll until they hit a wall or a still ball. Don’t let the lack of game modes turn you off to this title, with these small features you will find yourself playing for hours on end. Test yourself and become the best with “Game Center” leaderboards and achievements. Try beating your last completion time or shave off the number of moves taken for each level. Best yourself and become the master of the 7 planets. Pros: Great game mechanics, Simple yet Challenging, Pick-up and Put-Down gameplay Cons: None The Verdict 7 Planets is definitely one of those games that I highly recommend you have on your iOS device especially if you’re a traveler. It’s a great drop in and drop out game, simple yet challenging and is great... read more