AppsagaLogic puzzles are a great way to strengthen our minds and make sure they stay in shape. So you know if we share one here it’s going to be a good offering, and that’s exactly what 7 Planets is.

Based off the popular game form 1985, 7 Planets is a simple, basic logic game that’s bound to give you more than a few challenges. You’re given a game board with rows of colored balls, and your objective is to line up all the balls in the same row with like-colored balls. However, every ball you move will have a direct effect on every other row and ball, so be careful and make sure you’re implementing the correct strategy.

There are multiple game modes, including a solo mode and an online mode where you can play against another live player. If you’re the type of person who wants to see how they stack up against other players, then check out the global leaderboards with 15 achievements you can earn throughout the game. Oh, and another game mode we almost forgot to mention is Color Blind mode for color blind people, which in itself is a rather unique offering. Grab 7 Planets and enjoy a nice casual game while stretching that brain of yours.