7 Planets iPhone Game Review

I am not sure if you have ever heard of Ziv Zav. It was a fun board  game that came out in 1985, which required you to move balls into  certain slots to form a specific pattern. If you have played  it, you know how addictive it can be. Now, it has been converted to an  even more addictive form: a great puzzle app that you can download for  just $0.99 on iTunes.

The app is 7 Planets,  and it works on the same principle as the board game it was based on.  You are given 28 different balls in 7 different colors. You have to sort  them into proper rows that represent planetary alignment. The only  problem is that each time you move one ball, the others also move.

All the reviews I have seen have been positive, but they also have  something in common: People comment on how difficult this game is. It is  challenging, and there is a definite feeling of satisfaction when you  win. Trust me, you are going to really have to work to get to the end,  and that is what makes this app so great.

Try it for yourself, and see how challenging it can truly be.

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