Slika02“Left, right, down, left, left, right again, and… Dang it! Almost got the light blue ball in! With 7 planets there is no storyline or different game modes. 7 Planets gets its name from the 7 different colored balls that you must reposition to win the game. The game itself is very simple because there is only one game mode, no special upgrades, boosts, hints or anything of the sort; 7 Planets is a classic board game put on the app market. In 7 Planets there are eight rows and five columns. The top row starts with a pinkish purple color and goes down, in order, to dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and finally an uncolored row at the bottom. The colored row has a matching colored dot at the first four columns and the fifth is left blank for easier maneuverability. When you start out, all of the colors are jumbled up in a random order and you have to sort them by putting each ball onto its respective colored dot. To move a row or column, you tap and drag in the direction you want to go. The tricky part is every ball moves in the row or column, and they don’t stop moving until they hit a wall or another stationary ball. The graphics are very well detailed which is an added bonus to a classic game. One of the cool features in the app is the way it can track your skill, one way is through the amount of moves you make, and the other is through the amount of time it takes you to complete the game. Overall, 7 Planets is an amazing game that combines the classic board game challenge with the technological age that we’re in, and deserves more reviews because of the simple controls, thought provoking game-play, and detailed graphics.”

Site Rating: 4.0/5

The Appepic Team